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  • Dates for 2023

    Dates for 2023

    The 7th edition of the LSPF will run from May 18 to May 21, 2023.

  • Slide Night 2022

    Slide Night 2022

    The annual street photography slidenight will be held on November 9 2022.

  • Legal Workshop

    Legal Workshop

    Our member and legal adviser Massica Bentahar will give a talk on the legal issues involved in street photography. Specifically, she will elaborate on the -often misunderstood – principle of the “right to one’s image”. What does the law say on the topic? And how about rulings on the topic? To what extent is the […]

  • Crowdfunding


    Our collective is proud to partner with the launching of Jean-Christophe Béchet’s new book

  • Julie Hrudova

    Julie Hrudova

    We are very excited to announce Julie Hrudova as our second internation guest at the festival 22.Julie Hrudová (1988) was born in Prague but now lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has worked with a variety of publications, including The Guardian and VICE News. Julie’s work has also been exhibited in numerous shows, […]

  • Matt Stuart

    Matt Stuart

    We are happy to announce the participation of Matt Stuart. He will present his work on May 7 2022 at 17:00! Tickets will be available soon.